TRUGLO Brite-Site Xtreme 5 Pin Sight Review

People purchase bow sights to improve the accuracy of their shooting either for competition or leisurely activities. Bow sights are typically made out of metal and they attach to the top of bows so an archer can line up the top of the bow with the target. They help a person recognize how low or how high their bow is actually being held when they are about to shoot an arrow. A person who is shooting in competition will need a different type of bow sight than a person who will be hunting in the field. Most bows will already have an attached bow sight that comes with the purchase but for people who take shooting seriously, the bow sight included will not meet their needs.

There are several different bow sights that can be secured on the top of bows. Identifying the types of activities you will be doing as well as the type of bow you have will help you choose the best Truglo bow sight for you.

Some bow sights are very minimal and simple and are meant to be used by beginner archers or young children. They are typically made out of plastic and are easily attached to the bow. They are more affordable and are not meant to last for a lifetime.

Other bow sights are more sophisticated and sleek in their design. The higher end bow sights are meant to be used by serious archers who compete in competition or rely on their bow for hunting wild animals. The more sophisticated sights are considerably more expensive but are also more reliable.

Top Features of the TRUGLO Brite-Site Xtreme 5 Pin Sight With Light

This is considered the best Truglo bow sight for beginner archers because of its affordability and simplicity. It is a great starter for people or young children just being introduced into the arching world.

It includes a large circular field of view that is 2 inches in diameter and it can be attached to the bow without any tools being required. This is a nice feature because it can easily be removed for storage while in the field or hauling of tools. If the pins on sight still feel loose without the use of tools then an allen wrench can be used to tighten them though this is not required.

A popular feature of this Truglo bow sight is the glow in the dark ring that is included with it. Practicing in the dark is easily achieved with this sight. The pin guard is extremely lightweight and easy to handle, so it does not add any unnecessary weight to the bow.

It can easily be leveled by with the two vertical bars to ensure high accuracy when shooting arrows at targets. There are markings that help you identify elevation and the characteristics of the current wind. This allows you to adjust your bow accordingly and guarantees you will hit your mark.

The TRUGLO Brite-Site Xtreme 5 Pin Sight with Light can also be adjusted for either left hand shooters or right hand shooters. There are 3 different ways that the bow sight can be adjusted depending on the type of archer and type of activity. This is a great characteristic to have in a Truglo bow sight for families or friends who share bows.

The light at the top of the ring is great to have when shooting runs late in the night or starts early in the morning. The Truglo bow sight is guaranteed from any defects or damage for 90 days after purchase. Some Truglo products have a lifetime warranty and it is recommended to keep the receipt in case there are any future problems.

The Truglo Brite-Site Extreme is a 5 pin sight. If you’re searching for a single pin bow sight, you can check out the Truglo Range Rover which is also a favorite among archers.