Targeting the Best Single Pin Bow Sights

Archers and bow hunters prefer to use single pin bow sights over multi-pin sights mainly because these devices offer amazonbuttonsimplicity in usage and targeting. With a single pin design, you will be able to zero-in on your target without any obstruction in the view. The picture is not so clear in multi-pin devices, which can make it quite confusing especially if you are not used to this type of sight.

Note, however, that a 1 pin bow sight is only ideal to use for short distance shooting. It is ideally employed for 20-yard ranges, but some can still accurately shoot up to about 40 yards with single bow sights.

As you will need to manually adjust this type of sight as your target moves, it would be good to get a unit with a slider bar to make targeting and yardage adjustments easier especially when you’re hunting for wild animals.

Searching for Today’s Top 1-Pin Bow Sights

Below, you will find some of the best single pin bow sights on the market right now. Check out the features as we review certain brands and models of sights to find what you’re looking for. The ones we’ve listed below are our top choices available today.

Trophy Ridge Driver Slider Sight 1-Pin

This model of sight by Trophy Ridge is designed in a way that it can be used by right hand users and left hand users as well. The device is easy to install on your bow and the screws are already provided for in the package.

The windage system is easy to set and adjust in this model too; but you’ll need an Allen wrench for this. The slider, on the other hand, can be adjusted without using any tool, which makes it really easy to use when targeting in an open field. It automatically locks in place too, so you are always guaranteed accurate shots as soon as this is adjusted properly.

Single bow sights in this model can also be used at night or in low light conditions. The unit comes with green fiber optics which is really bright; and there’s a LED light functionality too.

Those who have already tried and tested this model of 1 pin bow sight found that sighting it at 15 yards can also work for targeting objects up to about 20 yards. That’s how accurate it is.

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Sight Vertical Pin Sight

This Trophy Ridge model comes with adjustable pin settings for precise adjustments when targeting at certain conditions outdoors. You can therefore zero-in on moving targets easily as you won’t need tools to perform such adjustments in yardage.

It makes use of Rheostat bow sight light and .019-fiber optics for a bright view while aiming for your target. It is therefore usable for low light conditions too.

Because this unit is made from 100 percent aluminum materials, it barely adds weight to your bow when installed. And we all know that this type of construction is durable and long lasting too.

If you’re going to buy this model of single pin bow sight, you need to choose between the right hand or left hand models.

TRUGLO Range Rover 1 Pin .019 Black Sight

Looking for extra brightness in a bow sight? Well, the TRUGLO Range Rover 1 Pin .019 Black Sight has that covered! This model is crafted with extremely long and properly wrapped fiber, complemented by glow in the dark shooter’s ring and yardage tape for added illumination. This model features a wide aperture for adequate peep sight, while maintaining an overall compact design.

The TRUGLO Range Rover 1 Pin .019 Black Sight sports an ultra-light construction and any adjustments required can be made with only one hand, allowing for a more practical approach during hunting. Both right and left handed shooters can use this model, and with the presence of vertical adjustment features, it can be mounted on practically any bow.

The Range Rover model is top choice among among bow hunters and you can find out more about how to use it and where to buy it.

Buying Your Bow Sight

Both the Trophy Ridge Driver Slider Sight and Pursuit Sight will make for a perfect companion for archers who are into single bow sights. The Truglo 1 pin bow sight will offer the same versatility and flexibility as these 2 Trophy Ridge Sights – the Range Rover 1 Pin .019 Black Sight.

Don’t forget about the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight – DS-5519 RH, a great single pin adjustable sight which allows you to modify the sight based on the distance you require. It’s more expensive that the others, but it’s fast becoming one of the top bow sights for hunting.

It is quite understandable why archers insist on using single pin bow sights even if there are multiple pin bow sights that can shoot at greater distances. As long as you understand its limitations and you’re only using it for short ranges, it really is more practical than multi-pin sights.