Review of the Trophy Ridge Sharp Shooter Sight

By purchasing a bow sight, an archer can improve their skill and be able to adjust their bow for any target. Bow sights are small devices that mount on the top of a bow and improve shooting accuracy. They range in size and price depending on the type of archery a person is performing. Factors such as the time of day, the skill level of the archer, and whether or not it is competition shooting will come into play when trying to determine the best Trophy Ridge bow sight for your needs.

Bow sights increase in price depending on the features it has to offer the user. Characteristics such as glow in the dark rings, lights, and wind identifiers can all be included in a bow sight.

People who are shooting arrows for competition will want a high quality sight that they can depend on while competing. Other archers who shoot arrows on live animals will need different features in their bow that will help them out in the field. Identifying the type of shooting is recommended before purchasing a bow sight.

There are several different types of Trophy Ridge sights that a person can choose to purchase for their bow. Some sights are plastic and have a very simple design. Other sights are more expensive and are composed of lightweight aluminum or metal. The aluminum bow sights are usually more expensive and are recommended for serious archers who shoot weekly.

Top Features of the Trophy Ridge Sharp Shooter Sight

The Trophy Ridge Sharp Shooter Sight is an extremely affordable choice for beginner archers. It provides the reliability and features of higher end models but keeps the price to a minimum. A top feature of this compound bow sight is the reversible mounting bracket. The mounting bracket can be used by right handed people or left handed people because it is interchangeable. The pin guard has already been drilled and tapped so it is ready out of the box without any extra work.

This is the best bow sight for hunting because of the accuracy it provides. It is considered to be a sharpshooter sight and leaves little room for errors when aiming at your target. The glow ring that is included with it adjusts according to the light so the sight can be used at all times of the day or night. This is a nice feature to have when the sun is starting to rise or set. It adjusts accordingly and allows the user to maintain accuracy.

The sleek design includes 3 bright fiber pins that are green, yellow, and red. The fiber pins help the shooter identify exactly where his arrow is going to hit and how he needs to adjust his bow. This is a great characteristic to have in a beginner bow sight because the archer is just learning how high or low the bow needs to be held. The bright colors of the pins make it easy to see when practicing inside or outdoors.

Even though this was designed for beginner hunters, some seasoned professionals keep this Trophy Ridge bow sight in their archery supplies as a backup sight. By providing a lightweight design and precise components, it is sometimes easier to use than other heavier Trophy Ridge bow sights.

The company believes in the products it offers their consumers and offers a limited lifetime warranty on all bow sights. If pieces of the bow sight were to become defective, replacing the parts is simple. It is recommended to keep the receipt from any purchase and also to remove the bow sight when not in use to prolong its life.