Review of HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight 5519RH

Bow sights are of utmost importance to bow hunters as this type of archery accessory can literally make one a betteramazonbutton shooter; and that applies to professional hunters and beginners alike. If you can aim with confidence and there’s no guess work involved, you can surely hit your target even if you are out in the wilderness. Of course, you need to choose the best bow sight in order to help you with your goal. Getting the exact model that’s most suitable to your level of expertise, needs, and preferences will make every hunt out in the field more fruitful and enjoyable too.

If you’re considering getting a single pin sight model, know that the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight – DS-5519 RH is one of the most highly rated HHA sights by consumers all over the world. It comes with a .019 pin and five feet fiber optic too. As for its scope housing, it measures 1 5/8 inches in diameter.

Aside from being easy to set up and sight in, it can also provide for accurate results up to 60 yards in the field; and that’s a lot of distance. With all its accompanying features and up to the minute engineering and design, archers and hunters are very much impressed and satisfied with this model of bow sight.

Top Features of the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight – DS-5519 RH

Once this model of HHA bow sight is set up and tuned in properly, it’s good to go. The patented easy tape design will allow you to easily configure it anywhere from 20 to 60 yards. So if you want, you can sight it in at 20 – 40 yards or 20 – 60 yards, which is the recommended maximum setting. But there are other users who found this device effective even up to 80 yards.

The printed tape is clearly marked from 20 to 80 yards; so you will not find it hard to configure when trying to achieve accurate results. The HHA Optimizer Sight is also equipped with an armor pin; and the aluminum housing safely encloses the fiber optic in order to protect it from dust and damages.

Designed to be user friendly, DS-5519 RH HHA sights are also incorporated with a windage system that lets users adjust the sight when it is already mounted on the bow without the need for a wrench or any tool for that matter. So if you want to adjust the HHA bow sight up or down, or left or right, you can do so conveniently even while out on the field.

Note, too, that this HHA optimizer comes with a rheostat which is made of aluminum sleeve. It covers the unit’s fiber optics; and turning on the knob will allow you to brighten up or dim down the pin while you’re hunting outdoors. This makes it even more convenient to use as you can customize it according to the present conditions while using it.

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Normally priced at around $200, this is a worthwhile investment for archers and bow hunters. It’s made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty too, so you can already tell that this device will be useful to you for a very long time.

By providing you with rapid and accurate shots up to 60 or 80 yards, you can depend on the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight – DS-5519 RH model for all your archery and hunting needs. And it’s advantageous that it’s lightweight too; since it only weighs around 10 ounces, it will really not add too much weight on your main hunting gear.

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