Best Truglo Bow Sights: Taking a Closer Look

Truglo bow sights play a huge role in the way you use your bows for hunting or during sporting events. These bow amazonbuttonsights are currently designed to improve the overall ambient lighting in dimmer conditions so that aiming and preparing for a shot is not affected, regardless of the light intensity.

Thanks to the incorporation of fiber-optic tubing into their design, coupled with LED lights in most cases, hunters can enjoy better optical sight pin vibrance with optimum results and accuracy. As you will observe in most bow sights reviews, the steps involved in using a Truglo bow sight are clear, simple and pretty straightforward.

After sighting in your bow and chasing the arrow, you make the final adjustments to the elevation and windage knobs, in order to obtain a precise sight picture, with very little chances of missing your target.

Since there are many models showing up in the market from time to time, it is necessary to introduce you to three of the best Truglo bow sights for the money: the TRUGLO Power-Dot Red Dot Bow Sight, the TRUGLO Carbon XS 4 Pin Camo Archery Sight and theTRUGLO Brite-Site Xtreme 5 Pin Sight With Light.Their remarkable features put them in an entire class apart from the regular models.

Top 3 Truglo Bow Sights for the Money

Let’s take a closer look at the features and differences of each:

TRUGLO Power-Dot Red Dot Bow Sight

This model adds a touch of uniqueness to the bow sight industry. It features a Steady•Dot Technology that maximizes precision and gives TRUGLO Power-Dot Redbow sight users the edge on the range or on the hunting grounds.

Although this technology is used with other TRUGLO products, the optics and mounting bracket on this bow sight have been specifically engineered for archery.This ensures that only small adjustments are required since this bow sight complements the overall design of the bow.

This model comes conveniently fitted with vertical adjustment that enables its attachment and use with practically any bow type. In addition, its micro – adjust bracket adds precision to the equipment and can be easily maneuvered with one hand.

Other top features of this bow sight include the TRU-TOUCH soft-feel technical coating, a removable quiver mount, glow-in-the-dark yardage tape, as well as its water and shock resistance capabilities.

The TRUGLO Power-Dot Red Dot Bow Sight provides a wide field of view, with unlimited eye relief. This bow sight comes ready to use with its batteries, and best of all, it can be adjusted for both left and right handed shooters.

TRUGLO Carbon XS 4 Pin Camo Archery Sight

This model is best known for its ultra lightweight carbon-composite construction, coupled with its TRU-TOUCH soft-feel technical coating, making it ideal for the harsh demands of the outdoor environment and adding remarkable functionality and precision to your bow without the extra weight.

TheTRUGLO Carbon XS 4 Pin Camo Archery Sight features a micro push-button light and a TRU-FLO fiber design, with extra long fully-protected fibers. Its large circular field of view boosts visibility and the capability to establish proper alignment, thanks to the presence of a level with two vertical bars on the flooring of the field of view.

Optimum vertical adjustability of this device is guaranteed by the presence of an inbuilt reversible bracket. In addition, peep sight alignment is boosted by theglow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring, with which the TRUGLO Carbon XS comes fitted.

Adjustments can also be made for both left and right handed shooters in accordance to their preference. This model has received numerous outstanding bow sights reviews and a very high overall rating by verified purchasers, and you can be sure to experience similar results and performance as the other satisfied customers, when you purchase your TRUGLO Carbon XS 4 Pin Camo Archery Sight today!

TRUGLO Brite-Site Xtreme 5 Pin Sight With Light

This model sports a completely tool-less design that makes it easier to work with and to adjust at any given time. The TRUGLO Brite-Site Xtreme 5 Pin Sight constitutes one of the best models of crossbow accessories and with the stream of excellent customer reviews pouring in, we’ve concluded it’s one of the best bow sights in 2014 to hit the market.

This bow sight features a very large circular field of view that gives you the opportunity to visually encompass a wider target range. In addition, this Truglo model is fitted with a lightweight composite pin guard and a glow in the dark shooter ring that makes it ideal for peep sight alignment and use in dimmer settings.

One of the other key elements that make this model standout among others is the fact that it was designed to adjust to left and right handed shooters, thereby catering for literally everyone. The TRUGLO Brite-Site Xtreme 5 Pin Sight With Light features markings for windage and elevation, making it easier to set for use. This bow sight is one that is definitely worth having and you can read up more about their complete details now.