Apex Gear Axim 4 Light 19 Sight Review

Installing sights on their bows allows hunters to zero in on their targets with accuracy and convenience. It is for thisamazonbutton reason why such type of archery accessory is deemed to be very helpful when practicing target shooting or while engaging in a real hunting activity. The best bow sight is one that can provide for the user’s demands; and with the variety of models and products that are out on the market right now, you can surely find the one that’s most suitable to your needs and budget as well.

Consider looking at some models of Apex sights so as to get a better idea as to their products and reputation. The Apex Gear Axim 4 Light 19 Sight can be particularly helpful to you since it comes with a variety of features and a good design too. Not only is this unit equipped with a long wrapped fiber that’s protected by stainless steel tubes; but it comes with a tool-less design that allows for maximum convenience when one is shooting outdoors as well.

Top Features of the Apex Gear Axim 4 Light 19 Sight

This model of Apex bow sight is designed with dual-end fibers; and this feature provides for high pin brightness even in low light conditions. That means you can use this sight at any time of the day, or night. Its field of view is extremely large too, so that makes it even easier to aim at your targeted subjects.

What’s really quite impressive about this bow sight is its tool-less design. Because of this technology, you can adjust the windage and elevation features on this device just by clicking on buttons and levers. You don’t need to bring along any type of tool with you if your bow is installed with this sight, as you can make adjustments right then and there in the field with just your bare hands.

With a capacity of shooting 20 yards up to 100 yards, you can basically rely on this one Apex bow sight all throughout your hunting activity. Note, too, that this model of sight can accommodate right handed users and left handed users as well.

Another outstanding feature is the unit’s glow in the dark feature. Since the shooter’s ring illuminates at night, it can handle hunting activities in low light conditions. In fact, you can use such Apex sights even in total darkness. So you can see your targets effectively; and your targeted subjects are not even aware that they’re about to be shot. That puts a lot of advantages at your end; and you would barely miss a shot because of this.

You can get Apex sights on this model and other varieties for about $80 to $90, which in the opinion of professional hunters, is a reasonable cost for archery sights. This particular unit is well-made and well-designed to guarantee accurate shots even from great distances; and you can use it day and night because it comes with glow in the dark features too. And of course, let’s not forget about the click adjustment technology that’s incorporated in this model which makes windage an elevation adjustments extremely easy even while out in the field.

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As for its overall quality, the Apex Company has a reputation for making quality products; so that would put your mind at ease too. In fact, some users attested to using and handling this model of sight carelessly and roughly; and it’s holding up to such abuse pretty well. But it would still be better to use a bow case, as much as possible, to protect your investment. This way, both your bow and Apex bow sight will be preserved and useful for a very long time.

If you want to compare this bow sight to other brands and models that also carry adjustable and tool-less features, consider looking into the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight 5519RH.  This way, you can decide for yourself which of the two sights is most suitable to your needs.