Targeting the Best Bow Sight Today: Reviews

Being able to hit your target each and every time is prideful goal and your percentages can increase with a bow sight. This bow hunting accessories is crucial for increasing precision and developing an accurate shot. Finding the best bow sight is what many bowhunter’s strive for to place them up at top of their game and boost up their accuracy. For amateurs who may not be too familiar with bow hunting accessories, it’s important to understand how to use a bow sight and where to find the best bow sight for the money. First and foremost, you may be asking yourself, “what is a bow sight, and why do I need one anyway?”

A bow sight is simply an automatic device affixed on the riser of your bow to help the shooter aim the arrow with greater accuracy. It serves the function of providing you with a very precise aim before firing your arrow. The bow sight has a similar function to that of the scope on your rifle and with this analogy you would understand how important it is to own one if you want to hit your target zone more often. Bow sights are known to improve shooting performance to the point where even amateur bow hunters develop accuracy extremely quickly with continued practice and consistent shooting. It’s certainly possible to disregard a sight but where you’ll notice the difficulty is shots at longer ranges.

The Types of Bow Sights to Look For

There are a handful of different types of bow sights to use in the field, each having their own specific purpose. Let’s take a look at each type of sight and identify the exact brand and model that is a good match.

Single Pin Bow Sights

Also known as moveable pin sights or one pin bow sights, these types of sights are exactly what they advertise to be. A single movable pin is used to calibrate the instrument before each shot is taken, which can be done in mere seconds. This movable pin sight comes equipped with a sliding system of levers, brackets and other components that facilitate its ease of use and accuracy. This is different than having multiple fixed pins that you’ll find on a fixed-pin bow sight.

At the back of the sight bracket, a pointer exists to indicate the yardage along a sliding scale. You can move this pointer to equal the distance in which your target lies. While multiple fixed pins are already preset in yardage marks, these 1 pin bow sights can be adjusted quickly to reflect the new distance you’re after.

With a single pin bow sight, you still need to be a good judge of distance and if a change is required, speed in adjusting the distance is necessary if your target is mobile. For competition shooting and archery, one pin sights are ideal.

Let’s take a look at our top picks for the best single pin bow sights:

1 – Trophy Ridge Pursuit Site Vertical Pin Sight4.5

This is an excellent choice for beginners and pros alike. The Trophy Ridge Pursuit has a sturdy and solid foundation using 100% aluminum in its construction. This sight includes an adjustable indicator pin to modify shots based on various conditions, leading to extremely precise shots.

The Pursuit allows for limitless pin settings as well. Comes with an ultra-bright fiber optic .019 pin that helps considerably in low light conditions. The sight level has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability and a Rheostat sight light also is part of the package. One complaint given is that it does not come with extra yardage tapes.

2 – TRUGLO Range Rover 1 Pin .019 Black Sight4.5

Looking for extra brightness in a bow sight? Well, the TRUGLO Range Rover 1 Pin .019 Black Sight has that covered. This model is crafted with extremely long and properly wrapped fiber, complemented by glow in the dark shooter’s ring and yardage tape for added illumination. This model features a wide opening for adequate peep sight, while maintaining an overall compact design.

The TRUGLO Range Rover sports an ultra-light construction and any adjustments required can be made with only one hand, allowing for a more practical approach during hunting. Both right and left handed shooters can use this model, and with the presence of vertical adjustment features, it can be mounted on practically any bow. The Range Rover model is a top choice among bow hunters and you can find out more about how to use it.

3 – Trophy Ridge Driver Slider Sight 1-Pin4.5

The Trophy Ridge Driver Slider Sight is a fantastic sight and continues to receive rave reviews. It contains features that you normally won’t find in a sub $60 sight, including a adjustable indicator pin. The site adjustments are simple and silent and it contains limitless pin settings. It’s tool-less and you simply unloosen the thumb screw and the pointer slides appropriately.

Comes with a green fiber optic light that works great and includes a LED sight light as well. Those who have already tried and tested this 1 pin bow sight model found that sighting it at 15 yards can also work for targeting objects up to about 20 yards. That’s how accurate it is.

Check out our full picks for the top single pin bow sights here.

Fixed Pin Bow Sights

With fixed pin how sights, you’ll most commonly find 3, 4, or 5 pin bow sights and these are celebrated by bow hunters due to their inherent guidance, flexibility, and features. This type of adjustable bow sight usually comes equipped with 3 to 5 pins that can be calibrated in accordance with predetermined shooting distances. The top pin is for the nearest distance, say 20 yards, with the lower pins adding increased yardage in increments of 5 or 10 yards typically. Once the calibration is done, the pins are kept fixed in that particular position for later use.

Fixed-pin setup is a little labor intensive as the sight owner works to set the pins just right to acquire the best results possible on the release. But once this is established, you’re set, and if a target is 40 yards away, a simple sight of the bow on your pre-set 40 yard pin is put into place — then shoot.

There are those moments where your target is between pin settings, say 35 yards out and your pins are set at 30 and 40 yards. This will require you to estimate the actual distance and hold between the pins to hit your target, often called ‘gap shooting’. Learning these nuances takes time and continuing to practice at different distances and on uneven terrain will help you in times when the distance is not one you have pre-set and the target is on the move.

Many sight owners add more pins to help them with in-between yardage shots, but additional pins can be a hindrance to your view as well as leaving you challenged to remember your pre-set yardage. Nonetheless, 5 pin sights are a great starting point for individuals who want predetermined yardage markers without a hitch. There are affordable options from many of the top brands and these are ideal for hunting and recreational archery.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 pin bow sights available today:

1 – Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Sight4.5

This Trophy Ridge bow sight has all the necessary characteristics required for hunting. At 72 ounces, it is a lightweight accessory with easy-to-use components. It has bright fiber optics and solid features. The Punisher 5 sight comes with a reversible aluminum sight mount, a rugged composite pin guard and a high-contrast glow ring, designed to help you easily target your prey.

With features like the high-contrast glow ring, brightly illuminated sight light and laser-engraved reference marks, the Punisher 5 bow sight will triumph in any challenging or seemingly difficult situation. The 0.029 fiber optic pins are a nice touch and can be adjusted or replaced in the field with ease. Made for both right and left handed users.

Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight Camo5

We think this camo Trophy Ridge React adjustable site is very cool, using recent technology to set yardage distances perfectly and almost impossible to mess up. Sights set from 20 to 60 yards can be done in under 20 minutes, to a point in which they become automatically sighted. If necessary, adjustments can be made to the pins on the fly with an easy loosen of the thumb knob to make windage and elevation changes.

Tuning reference marks will help you adjust each pin correctly. Like other Trophy Ridge sights, it contains Rheostat sight light and channels the light through the fiber optics. Nylon bushings help avoid metal on metal. The mount is reversible and with a number of mounting holes, an individual can choose what location is best for them.

3 – TRUGLO Brite-Site Xtreme 5 Pin Sight With Light4

This adjustable bow sight constitutes one of the best models of crossbow accessories and has a steady stream of excellent bow sight reviews pouring in. The bow sight features a very large circular field of view that gives you the opportunity to visually encompass a wider target range. In addition, this Truglo model is fitted with a lightweight composite pin guard and a glow in the dark shooter ring that makes it ideal for peep sight alignment and use in dimmer settings.

One of the other key elements that make this model standout among others is the fact that it was designed to adjust to left and right handed shooters, thereby catering for everyone. The TRUGLO Brite-Site Xtreme 5 Pin Sight features markings for windage and elevation, making it easier to set for use. This bow sight is one that is definitely worth having and you can read more about their complete details in our full review.

Pendulum Bow Sights

These are also referred to as tree stand bow sights and are designed particularly for hunters who use elevated tree stands. It is crafted in such a way that it compensates for the height at which the shots are taken downhill. Since being up in a tree makes it difficult for hunters to accurately judge yardage, the sight pin adopts a particular position in accordance with the angle at which the bow is held. A pendulum sight has one pin mounted on a swing and as the bow is moved to zero in on the target, the sight pin swings out and up, compensating appropriately for the awkward angle. When off the ground, a pendulum bow sight is a a huge upgrade over single pin and fixed pin sights which are more of a guesstimate than anything else.

Take a look at the top pendulum bow sight available:

1 – TRUGLO Pendulum Adjustable Bracket .029 Black Sight5

Being quiet 15 feet up in a tree is instrumental, and this Truglo Pendulum sight is one of the quietest and most advanced models on the market. Because of the elevation, the treestand sight is able to compensate for lengths of up to 35 yards. The opening has a 1.8” inner diameter and allows for a circular field of view. With two vertical bars, the level is brightened by the shooter’s ring. If shooting naturally on the ground, the pendulum can be secured into place for added flexibility.



Red Dot Bow Sights

At times when you’re fighting daylight and the distance of your shot increases, electronic sights like red dot bow sights help display a laser beam back towards the shooter to help with accuracy. The shielded sight lens and varying magnitude of the beam make red dot sights very good sights to own due to their versatility.

Here’s our top pick for a red dot bow sight:

1 – TRUGLO Power-Dot Red Dot Bow Sight4

This Truglo Red Dot bow sight is a great combination for the tightest groups. The site and mounting bracket is designed for archery and is easily moved up and down. One of the most talked about features is the fast settings for various distances. The marking labels are simple to read and the pin ensures the right distance each time. The yardage tape glows in the dark and there is an anti-reflection coating on target side.

Arriving at the Best Bow Sight in 2014

We are fascinated by the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight-DS-5519 and is by far one of the best bow sights for hunting in 2014. Since your target is not fixed as it is in regular competitions, this model is crafted with an exclusive yardage dial. This dial allows bow hunters to quickly adjust to the requisite distance between 20 and 60 yards, allowing for quick maneuvering in the presence of a target that has changed position on the hunting grounds. This model is also equipped with a tool free micro adjust windage that facilitates ease of use while optimizing precision. The HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight – DS-5519 RH comes fitted with a .019 pin, complemented by 5 feet of fiber optic and a relatively large diameter scope housing. These added features making bow hunting a whole lot easier and more successful.

5–> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Sight DS-5519

Even though it’s on the pricier side, it’s one of the best bow sights for the money because it will certainly make you a better shooter. Practice makes perfect and you’ll soon be shooting beyond distances of 60 yards and hitting your target with regularity. Learn more about what makes the HHA Optimizer so popular among bow users.

Drawing Conclusions

We always recommend beginners to start with a bow sight that is inexpensive because many can be had for a price within your budget and that doesn’t reflect the quality of the sight. Ones with straightforward designs from a trusted brand like Trophy Ridge or Truglo are optimal, each containing multicolored pins that can be arranged to shoot the bow at prearranged distances. For bow sights that come with multiple pins, they can be arranged on the fly to pinpoint the distance you’re after, say one pin starting at 15 yards and then 5 additional yards for each thereafter. Most sights come with mounts that are reversible to accommodate right and left handed shooters.

We hope that the information provided has given you some insight and takeaways to make a better decision on the ideal bow sight for your outings. Everyone has different tastes and preferences and that’s why we like to compare sights with different features and price points as we also pull in information from bow sight reviews listed on the web. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments.

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